Pinterest recipe

Pinterest recipe

I decided that tonight I would make a Pinterest recipe for dinner. Last time I did this the recipe turned out horrible. It was suppose to be cheeseburger soup and it was so bad the Mr. and I ended up going out to eat. However, tonight’s recipe was a winner! I made honey lime shrimp served it over brown rice with asparagus! It was delicious! Here are some pictures!
The ingredients minus the shrimp!

All mixed up!

Add the shrimp!

All done!

I will be making this recipe again!

January 2

January 2

I went to the gym bright and early this morning! I bought some new asics and I truly love them! I am trying to break them in slowly. I completed one mile on the treadmill which was hard because I am currently on three different medications for a sinus infection I have! Plus, we have new treadmills so it took me a bit to get in a groove.

After my mile run I walked until I hit 15 mins then did the elliptical. I accomplished 45 mins of working out which was what I wanted.

I was doing so good taking a photo of my morning start then forgot to take pictures of my lunch and dinner. Big fail!

Hopefully tomorrow I will do better at picture taking!



I can not believe we are already in 2013! 2012 was a great year and I had many life changing things happen. But as 2013 starts I decided to do something I normally don’t believe in. I made New Year’s Resolution’s! I know I am just getting a little crazy! I hope that each month I will be able to address how I am doing at each goal. So here we go:


1. Workout at least 6 times a week
2. Run 6 races- any type as long as I get out there and enjoy myself!


1. Eat healthy and document it
2. Lose 30 pounds! This one will be tough but I know I can do it!


1. Read my bible every am
2. Have date night once a month
3. Visit my nieces and nephews monthly
4. Keep house organized
5. Organize my closet

I think this is a good list to start with especially since I normally don’t make resolutions!

So how did I ring in the new year? With these munchkins!


Monday Runday

Monday Runday

Today was a great day! I got up and accomplished my 3 miles on my training plan! Proof-


Then for breakfast I had a green juice! Sorry no photo. But it consisted of 2 apples and 2 cups of spinach. For lunch I went to Panda Express with some friends and got the string bean chicken bowl with steamed veggies! It was so good!


I also had some yogurt a couple hours later as I was starving!


Then dinner was some salmon, steamed carrots, wild rice (not pic).


For a snack after dinner I had peanut butter ( The Bees Knees) and a banana! Happy Monday!



I got on my scale this morning and wanted to cry. I could not believe what it had said. I was up 2.5 pounds. I was so mad and discouraged. Last week was the first week in months that I had worked out four times and lifted weights. I followed closely not strictly my calories for the days. Yet, I gained weight. I was so disappointed and just wanted to give up. Instead, I talked to my friend and felt better. Today is a new day and I am going to be proud of what I accomplished. My goals this week are to follow my running plan exactly and continue to lift weights. I know muscle weighs more then fat but I want to see my scale move in the opposite direction not up. Today is a rest day for me so I decorated my house for Christmas! Breakfast was a banana and coffee as we were headed out the door to church!


Lunch was Amy’s lack bean sou and string cheese! My favorite soup she makes!


Dinner was shrimp, roasted brussel sprouts and wild rice.


A few hours later as much as I am trying not to eat after 8 I could feel my blood sugar dropping. S. had one tbsp of peanut butter! And someone made an appearance today!


Hanging in there

Hanging in there

Wow, it has been a good week. Overall, I feel like I have made mostly good food choices. Tonight I did not but only because we were at a party for our Sunday School class. Today was an off day for running but yesterday I did 3 miles on the treadmill.
Breakfast – oats and strawberrys with coffee of course!


If I am really hungry or know I will not be able to snack I try to eat oatmeal. It keeps me full longer! I had a dentist appointment today so my teeth and gums were really sore all morning.

Lunch- was fajita meat on corn tortillas with guacamole and Fage yogurt. I added string cheese too!


I had two tacos and they were delicious. Then was our party for dinner and everything went out the window. I will not even mention what all I ate but it is ok! I will get back on the bandwagon tomorrow! Plus, tomorrow is my longest run since having a baby! 4 miles, wish me luck!

4 miles not so much

4 miles not so much


Sorry for the blurry photo. For some reason I was struggling this morning. I was supposed to run 4 miles but only made it to 2.5 miles. My entire body ached and my throat is sore. I actually ate really healthy today.
Breakfast: oats with pumpkin butter


Delicious! Lunch was leftovers from last night! Salsa chicken on corn tortillas with Fage yogurt and some black beans. I added string cheese because I was too lazy to shred some.


For dinner we had fajita salad with black beans, raw cheese, avocados, onions, Fage yogurt, Mrs. Renfro’s salsa and fajita meat. Again, it was delicious!


Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel up to tackling 4 miles.

Clean Eating and I’m Back

Clean Eating and I’m Back

Wow, it has been awhile since I have blogged! I can honestly say I have been extremely busy with life and work. I can say my life is changing but in a good way. God has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity and I took it. I hope to speak more on that at a later day. But in the meantime I hope to tell you guys what to expect on my blog. I plan on actually covering more exercise and food topics. I struggle with staying consistent and this a great place to be held accountable. I also am trying to eat healthy and clean. There is so much crap that I have put into my body in the past and I want to change that. Plus lets be honest, I still have quite a bit of weight I would like to lose. I would love to tone my abdomen, arms, and legs up. I want to run a half marathon and maybe even an entire marathon. I want to add more speed work in my workouts. I want to workout more then two days a week. Please bare with me as I take lots of photos and express my life here on my blog. So let’s get started today! No photos of food yet. But yesterday my running plan said 3 miles. After not running for a couple of weeks I jumped right in and tackled my 3 miles.


A little slower then wanted but I did it. For breakfast I had a strawberry banana smoothie with some vanilla protein powder. For lunch I had a Amy's black bean soup and it was delicious! Dinner was courtesy of my crockpot! Today I am going to try to take pictures of my food!

P.s. bare with me as I learn to blog from an IPad!

Eating healthy

Eating healthy

I have been wanting to write a post about eating healthy and weight loss for awhile. I guess since I am up super early I get to write that post today. When I had Reese I had a lot of weight to lose. I had gained 65 pounds with her. Yes you read that right. I did not intentionally want to gain 65 pounds but I also wanted to enjoy being pregnant. I did not really overeat but ate all the wrong things. Ice cream every night, yes please! Mexican food every other day, yes please. I also had this weird craving for Dr.Pepper. I had to have one every day. I am not usually a soda drinker so this was kinda weird. I think my mom told me she craved Dr.Pepper when she was pregnant with me. It also did not help that I was on bed rest a lot and was not allowed to workout. I had some heart issues going on that they were trying to solve. I am now completely healthy and have a clear bill of health. I was on bed rest because I had low water levels. Right after I had Reese I lost 30 pounds. However, those last 35 have been the hardest of my life to lose. I have 10 more pounds to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I really have watched what I have eaten and count my calories almost daily. I do fall off of the wagon weekly but get back on. I was/am very determined to lose the weight the right way with healthy eating and exercising. That is just what I want to do. So, in an effort to lose those last 10 pounds I am going to try and document everyday my eats and exercise. I will not be perfect and I know I will mess up. But I read a lot of blogs out there that inspire me and keep me going. I am also trying to cut out all the junk food and focus on more raw food and gluten free food. I do not want to be 100% raw or gluten free but I would like to eat healthier. I have tried out both raw and gluten free here and there and feel so much better. My overall goal is to make healthy choices and try not to over eat. I want to actually eat the right portions instead of eating frozen yogurt straight out of the container. I can easily polish off a pint in one setting. I want to know I can have discipline and self control. So I am going to use my blog to help me stay on track. Everyday will be a new day and a new struggle. I am sure I will fall off the wagon but I plan on getting right back on. I will not give up. Saturday’s eats:



A pumpkin spice latte nonfat and a banana! Lunch was pretty good as well.


A spinach wrap with grilled chicken and cheese. We can not forget the salsa either. I love salsa. Somedays I try to watch my carbs and today was not one of those. Dinner was a turkey sub from subway. I did not get a picture because I was with a bunch of girls from my community group. We attended the Kari Jobe concert and it was amazing! Pictures from the concert!




Labor day

Labor day

Every time I try to blog I do not really have much to say. I could talk about a million things but some times I just don’t want to. I have been trying to focus on eating healthier which is not always easy. My breakfast usually consists of green juices:


I try to alternate my lunches between salads and leftovers but sometimes that is hard. I need to really experiment more with different types of salads. My ultimate goal would be to eat at least one salad a day. There is no reason for this just personal preference and goal. Healthy dinner ideas is another hard area that I am trying to figure out. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and have the same dinners. I have also been spending lots of time soaking up this munchkin!


She is growing up so fast! It is amazing onetime flies by. My running this week has been good. Hopefully, I will start to take more photos! Happy Tuesday!